Laughing All the Way!

ONLINE service

EVERY Sunday @ 10am -

December 20, 2019

7:00 PM

7700 Main St. Frisco, TX 75033

"Laughing All The Way" is the most fun you've ever had at a Christmas show!

Comedian Joey I.L.O. and recording artist Dan Macaulay has knit together a mix of stand-up comedy, Christmas carols, musical silliness and improv all into a one-of-a-kind Christmas experience for the whole family. You’ll find everything from hilarious standup, to on-the-spot improv, to a fun Christmas carol sing-along, and a musical number called “Things Kids Say” you simply have to hear.

The night moves fast and the hilarity keeps coming. Don't miss this! We know you'll be "laughing all the way!"

Tickets available by clicking here.